Wednesday, 19 September 2012

House Martins

A bit of a slow day at Rye Harbour, Ternery Pool gave only a single Greenshank and a handful of Mallards. An adult Little Grebe was feeding two juveniles with Sticklebacks, although the youngsters were of a size where they could feed themselves, nothing better than an easy meal.

Quarry held even less so I decided to take an almighty walk to Castle Water. When I arrived at the barns things changed somewhat. The bushes were alive with hordes of Chiffchaffs and the air was filled with House Martins on a feeding frenzy over the Long Pit, I estimated 300+ but it could easily have been 500, they were everywhere. I patiently waited and finally some birds began to settle on the overhead wires, probably 30-40 maximum but enough to get some shots. Then 10 minutes later, tired of sitting, they were off. I continued to Castle Water but it was very quiet so I turned round and headed back for Ternery Pool. By the time I had reached Long Pit again most of the birds had gone. Oddly enough I remarked to a fellow birder that I had seen few House Martins this year, well this certainly made up for it.


It must have been quiet for this chap to have his photo taken.

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  1. There were a lot of House Martins early morning at sevenoaks this week but they had disappeared by lunchtime !