Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cissbury Ring

An early start with the intention of finding and photographing the Whinchats that have been reported on the Monarch's Way just north of Cissbury Ring. Things didn't bode well, as I got out of the car I was hit by a very brisk and chilly northeaster.  Not daunted I lugged the camera to the appointed spot and there were the two  Whinchats, both promptly departed from the fence to the game strip as I mounted the camera. Things were not helped by the Game Conservancy doing a Partridge count, albeit from the comfort of a 4x4 being driven round the edges of every field.  Recognising a lost cause I decided to withdraw to the shelter of Cissbury and proceeded to the Rifle Butts. On the  way there were plenty of post sitting Wheatears, even a few reluctant to move from the shelter of the bushes.

Pole squatters everywhere


As soon as I dropped out of the wind the change was amazing - birds everywhere. Loads of Wilchiffs, Common Redstarts, Whitethroats and Spotted Flycatchers. I set up on the rim of the Butts and I was soon joined by an obliging Red Legged Partridge that sat in front of me calmly preening and then feeding quite unconcerned despite my requests for him to pose with the sun in front rather than behind.

Red-legged Partridge

A "Frenchman"

It's amazing what turns up if you just sit quietly and wait, two deer  moved through the scrub, albeit at a distance, they knew I was there but didn't consider me a threat, all tranquil until the dogwalkers turned up and then they were off. Down the range there were probably three juvenile Sparrowhawks terrorising the neighbourhood, first glimpse was one chasing a Green Woodpecker then another arguing with the Magpies. A fellow birder and myself relocated to get better views but the birds decided that the golf course had fewer Magpies.
We like each other

We don't

Usual suspect

Usual suspect

Usual suspect

Yet again my enjoyment has been marred by a party of "Naturalists", I hasten to add not Naturists. This time a group of butterfly watchers. What makes a rational person, on seeing a camera and large lens walk up to you and say "What are you photographing then?????"  my reply today was "Nothing now you are standing in front of my lens"

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