Saturday, 1 October 2011

Friends of Groyne No.4

How on earth did this come about?

Friends of Groyne No.4 exists because of an accident.
Following a fairly serious car accident my doctor advised me to be more active. Ha! I could hardly walk at the time. However, I managed to hobble to the nearest beach - Ferring, Groyne No.4 - where I spotted some Turnstones roosting at high tide. I have always been interested in birds and thought that it would be fun to record what I observed.

I am neither photographer or ornithologist, just fascinated by wildlife. I record what I see as a journal and share it with others, both as a blog and on Flickr here:

"Owning a guitar does not make one a musician, similarly,owning a camera does not make one a photographer"

  One of the original "Friends of Groyne No.4"

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