Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Barred Warbler

I managed to kill three birds with one stone today, a necessary visit to Portsmouth, taking the hardly used car for a much needed run and a trip to Titchfield Haven for the juvenile Barred Warbler. Business out of the way I made my way to Hill Head, the skies growing ever darker, no suggestion of any brighter periods on the horizon. As I arrived at the visitor centre quite a few birders were already on the bird. So there it was, my first UK sighting. Now down to the impossible task of getting a record shot, cranking up the ISO to annoying levels, that level where noise becomes intrusive - but better than getting no shot at all, then a quiet prayer that perhaps a sunny interval might just arrive when the bird was perched in the open - not today I am afraid.

The warbler disappeared for at least an hour so I made my way down to the spit in search of some "usual suspects" or padding for the blog. There were a few Ringed Plover, Sanderlings, Dunlin and Turnstones on the shingle doing what I call "looking busy" until the tide ebbs and the real food becomes available. Fat chance of any reasonable shots and the rain was just starting - time for home and some sustenance.

Not many catchlights about today!

Looking busy


  1. Hello Dave
    It was nice to meet you this morning and to while away an hour or two
    All the best

    1. Hi Ewan
      Good to meet you too. Like your blog - great pictures.
      Take care