Friday, 1 September 2017

Adonis Blue

Today was probably the last butterfly day, there may be some late Clouded Yellows to come, but I have seen precious few up to now.  This time of year Anchor Bottom is worth a visit. A typical downland combe, running east to west, so it has a south facing slope that is baked by sunshine. Today was no exception and there were a host of second brood Adonis Blues on the wing.  A supporting cast of Meadow Browns and just singletons of Comma and Clouded Yellow.


Job done then - time to take it easy.


An added bonus is that there is a huge population of Autumn Lady's Tresses present, although this year I had left my visit a little on the late side and most of the blooms were just about done.


Still a few nectar sources available 

Viper's Bugloss

Carline Thistle
Round-headed Rampion

A few from earlier in the week, a walk round the fields of Honer Farm at Pagham produced very little. Whilst trying to photograph Redstarts and Spotted Flycatchers  I was treated to a low fly-by of a very vociferous Buzzard. Every year when there are some close Wheatears on the North Wall I say to myself -"Got plenty of Wheatear photos - don't need any more"  then proceed to snap away at some really obliging subjects.


Common Field Grasshopper
This Sandwich Tern managed to catch a fish every time when I failed to get focus - the Law of Sod made sure that when I got a clean shot he missed.

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