Saturday, 27 May 2017

La Brenne - Samedi et Dimanche

After three days I thought that things would slow down a bit. No chance - still lots to be seen although on Sunday the temperature peaked at 33C and I started to slow down a bit instead.


Saturday 27th May

Étang Massé

A very loud Reed Warbler

Étang Foucault

Notable for the numerous nesting Blank-winged Stilts

Really pleased to record the "AC Milan" bug properly known as Striped Shield Bug, Graphosoma lineatum

During a comfort stop Jason found a Swift in the middle of the car park entrance, obviously in distress as it had lain in the full sun for some minutes. We placed it on a wall in the shade of a tree - possibly good news as when we returned half an hour later it had gone - hopefully recovered. What was surprising for everyone was just how large this bird is.

Chateau Romefort

 Another great picnic by the river topped with a great fly-by of a Black Woodpecker - lunch on lap, camera on floor. Never mind it didn't stop for a shot.

The boathouse looks quite nice....

....but no comparison with the main residence 


We visited the Bee Eater colony and plenty were home - just a long way off. Wonderful to hear their unmistakeable call.

Étang Purais

Nice to get just a bit closer to Whiskered Terns

Blue-tailed Damselfly

Four-spot Chaser

 Lizard Orchids were popping up everywhere.

At last a decent Southern White Admiral underwing shot

Sunday 28th May

Étang de la Sous

As promised a return to the Etang de la Sous, this time a pre sunrise affair to avoid all those other birders. Sod's law that today there would be a heavy mist and of course an east facing hide is not the best for a decent photograph.

Suddenly I had 9 Black-necked Grebes in front of me, what an opportunity, it was at this point I realised the best thing to do was put the camera down and admire the birds.


Finally the sun rose and I was able to record some of the activity.

Red-Crested Pochard

Red-Crested Pochard
Red-Crested Pochard








At the end of a derelict orchard we found a Woodlark which sat in this tree all the time we were present. By the way the dark red cherries that hung over the fence into the road were delicious.

Cracking Cornflowers

Marais de l'Ozance

 A search for the extremely scarce Brenne Orchid, Dactylorhiza brennensis  paid dividends


Étang Vieux

 A walk around the pond gave a Common Clubtail,  a single Western Clubtail and Variable Damselflies in good numbers.

Common Clubtail

Common Clubtail

Common Clubtail

Western Clubtail

Variable Damselfly




Terre de Picadon

Our final visit, a marshy venue and with the heat it felt like being in a sauna - very humid. We saw more Lilypad Whiteface but by the time I had deployed a longer lens they had vanished.

Broad Scarlet

Broad Scarlet

Time to call it a day and retire to the hotel for a refreshing brew.








































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