Friday, 30 September 2016

Red Kite

I took advantage of the decent weather and ventured up onto the Downs, plenty of raptors had been reported in the vicinity and the viewpoint we had recently visited gives commanding views over Wepham Down and Burpham. For those who know the area it's just south of the remains of the WWII Churchill tank. Whilst scanning the horizon for a harrier of any description I became aware of a large bird circling overhead, very close and getting lower. I had the distinct impression the bird had taken exception to my hat. Anyway, having descended low enough to fill my viewfinder he probably realised that he had made a mistake and drifted off downhill. Another bird went past but didn't come close.

This is what I captured, several more action crops where the bird came  so close that I failed to get it into the centre of the viewfinder, still, great fun but no harriers yet.

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