Friday, 29 April 2016

Bee Eaters and Vultures

Never in a month of Sundays did I ever imagine that I would ever write a heading like the one above. The Bee Eaters are charming birds, their calls heard long before they turn up and when they arrive you are suddenly amongst a flock of swooping colour. On the other hand the Griffon Vultures are impressive in a different way, they seemed to be everywhere and because of their sheer size, dominate the skies. During our week's holiday they became the bird that was taken for granted, even Liz, who scanned the skies whilst I was snapping away got to the point where the response on finding another bird was - "Grifffon"  - meaning just another GV and we would like something different - please.


The Griffon Vultures were "Big Brutes" that made no sound and threaded their way through the myriad of wind turbines with ease. Finally some came frame-filling close so I put the camera down for a while and watched them.

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