Thursday, 17 December 2015

Glossy Ibis

With the weather set to "reasonable" we just had to have another go at the Glossy Ibis at Pett Level. We were so keen that we made an early start at 0700, long before first light. Of course by the time we had arrived the sun was trying to break through the grey cloud. Just as well for 30 seconds after parking in the layby adjacent to the first roadside pool we managed to find the bird, feeding contentedly with a host of Coots as companions.  Several quick "insurance" shots and then to our dismay, as the Coots departed for the lake, the bird took off. Happily it did one circuit and landed even closer to us, sufficiently near for Martin to complain that it was too close and that he couldn't get a clear shot because of the reeds!

Too close!
Finally the bird relocated to the far bank so we left too, making our way to Dunge by way of Scotney Pit. Nothing of note here, though duck and goose numbers are rising slowly. At Dunge, a short visit to the ARC hide proved fruitless so we ended up in the Scott hide, after a short stop to get another sighting of the Long-eared Owl, this time even further in the dense cover making it nearly impossible to spot. Time on the reserve yielded just one photo - another red top Smew.

 The Tree Sparrows at Boulderwall farm had gone missing so we made for home, stopping briefly at Pett just in case the Glossy was still about. Nice to meet Mali who had seen the bird on this his third visit.

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