Sunday, 21 June 2015

Terek Sandpiper

Just after 1100 this morning I noticed a Tweet from David Buckingham posting a sighting of a Terek Sandpiper at Church Norton, Pagham. I sent an email to Martin followed by a text but sadly no reply, I knew that he would be busy as it was Father's Day so I let it slide, birding on a Sunday is not my bag - all those crowds. Anyway, late afternoon I received a call from Martin, paternal duties now discharged, should we give it a go?

The result was that we found ourselves at Church Norton amidst the throng. First birder we met was David himself who, flushed with the success of the Terek, was now chasing the Hudsonian Whimbrel. The sandpiper had disappeared with the rising tide and a line of birders was stretched out on the spit waiting patiently.

Really nice to meet Jan and Barbara from the RSPB who were dispensing tea and biscuits, thanks very much, it was much appreciated. Also to have a meaningful discussion about the RSPB and its reserves, something I can be quite opinionated on.

Finally a keen eyed birder spotted the bird, albeit at a fair distance, thus affording only record shots. Even so, nice to have another lifer in the bag.


As promised Jan

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