Saturday, 14 February 2015

Little Bunting

Thursday found us at Old Lodge looking for the Little Bunting amongst a mobile Reed Bunting flock. Their movements from reeds and grass to tree perches left little time for a sighting so I resorted to snapping every bird that perched long enough to be captured. Several birders claimed to have seen the bird but I wasn't sure until I got home and downloaded the photographs. Sure enough I had several frames that confirmed the sighting. Unfortunately Martin hadn't seen or photographed the bird so we returned for another go today. Sadly I have to report that we had no confirmed sighting - another visit is in order.

 Nice to see and hear several Woodlarks singing and displaying above us. At Old Lodge it is guaranteed that during some stage of the day they will come and perch on the overhead cables. A shame that it was definitely a case of "Singing in the Rain".

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