Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Dartford Warblers

Today was a visit to Iping Common, primarily to see the Great Grey Shrike that has been reported there. Secondly, to see if I could improve upon my Dartford Warbler records.

As we made our way towards the bracket fungus encrusted birch tree that is a favourite perch of the shrike, our first sighting was a considerable flock of Goldcrests. As we stood straining to get a glimpse of these birds I heard the unmistakeable buzz of a Dartford Warbler, sure enough out on the top of a gorse branch was a male. My attempts at photography were somewhat wasted as the bird was mobile and the light poor, the sighting lasting just a few seconds. We stood chatting to a very helpful local birder for some time, hoping the bird would show again, but finally we moved on in search of the GGS.  Martin located the bird, perched on the very top of the dead birch. Unfortunately, by the time I got in position for a view, the bird decided to relocate several hundreds of yards down the valley.

We continued our circular walk of the common and came across two more Dartford Warblers that were somewhat more obliging. I managed several records of this elusive bird - nice to have - but not the definitive perfect record. Perhaps next time.

Yesterday, on what was a fairly fruitless birding day, I recorded this partial albino Jackdaw and an angry looking Tufted Duck at Swanbourne Lake in Arundel.

Don't point that at me!

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  1. well done Dave, so looking forward to getting back out there.