Monday, 10 November 2014

Shore Lark and Snow Buntings

When I received an e-mail from Martin asking if I was interested in going to see a possible three birds, Shorelark, Desert Wheatear and Snow Bunting at Reculver, my answer was an unequivocal Yes!!

Unfortunately as we reached the site of the Roman fort at Reculver the news was half good. The Desert Wheatear hadn't been located but the other birds were present, just further down the sea wall. It never fails, as we arrived we were greeted as usual, "Woz 'ere until 10 minutes ago". Fortunately we didn't have to wait long before the Shorelark put in an obliging appearance. 


Duly recorded we went in search of the absent Snow Buntings. After some time our enthusiasm wavered and we set off on our return to the car park, just as I was putting the camera away we were treated to a fly by of two Snowies. These delightful little birds posed for several minutes, had we been on our own we would have ventured closer but having been joined by other birders we held off.

Just as the Snow Buntings departed the Shorelark returned for a drink from a small puddle in the rocks, a couple of quick shots and it was away again.

Quite happy with our two ticks we decided to return home via Oare Marsh. As I have said before, this is a brilliant location to finish off any birding day as the last hour of sunlight is perfect for capturing the thousands of waders that are present. Unfortunately the camera fails to capture the scale of activity, especially as today, the tide was high and the birds were forced into small amounts of real estate. One day we will have to spend the whole day here.


  1. Hi Dave, Some nice shots from todays activity. Looking at some of your photos I have a sneaky feeling that we were present at the same time today. I even believe I spoke to you and definitely Martin? He made a comment about the Shorelark being a lifer for him ! Also was the camera packed away in a very large black camera back pack ? Was it you that showed me where the snow buntings had been down the side of the beach by the breakwater rocks and at the same time made comments about the large number of "goldies" further up the beach. If so then that was me ?

    1. Hi Mike - yes that was me. Humble apologies for not recognising you - far too engrossed in the birds. Will communicate more via e-mail.