Sunday, 12 October 2014

Tawny Pipit

A Saturday morning dash to capture the juvenile Tawny Pipit at Newhaven Tidemills. There had been thunderstorms and heavy rainfall overnight  but the forecast for the day was sunny periods and heavy showers. So we arrived at the Tidemills in sunshine and left just before the heavens opened - I call that good planning or perhaps sheer luck.

Several birders were in attendance when we arrived and as always, our presence was enough to send the bird into hiding. However, the wait was short before it presented itself to the waiting gallery. Food appears to be plentiful and there are few other birds in the immediate area to provide competition so it may stay around.

Below are some record shots, we could have hung about and obtained better but the ominous rumblings and gathering gloom to the west had us scuttling for the shelter of the car.


Plenty of insect life to be found.


Newhaven lighthouse shining bright amid the gloom

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