Monday, 10 February 2014

Kumlien's Gull

A decision to revisit the Kumlien's Gull looked to be a poor one as we arrived at the East Beach Littlehampton. The rain was bucketing down and where there had been hundreds of gulls feeding on the beach yesterday, just a handful were present as the tide ebbed. However things brightened up, first a fly by of the adult Glaucous Gull, albeit just a fleeting glance but at least encouraging. Frantic signalling from the birders on the other side of the river had us jumping in the car and heading for the West Beach car park - you have guessed it - when we arrived the bird had done a bunk. Owen Mitchell promised me that if we remained at the river mouth the gull would show up. Sure enough about half an hour later the bird was spotted by sharp eyed Paul and the keen birding photographers had a field day. Finally the bird disappeared further down the river mouth and having expended lots of pixels we retired. Nice to meet Paul and Trevor, who has managed to cling on to the beach at Pagham despite all the recent violent storms.


A band of notable birders on the wrong side of the river but I bet they got good views later on.

 We then decided to visit Beeding Brooks to locate an owl or two. Dropped in to Houghton bridge but no Bewick's were about, just two Mute Swans. The trek from King's Barn Lane to White Bridge was a bit hairy as the mud is horrendous. It was all worth it as just after 1630 we were rewarded with two Barn Owls and a single Short-eared Owl, two much appreciated year ticks.

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  1. Two owls today then Dave what will you get two of tomorrow?