Monday, 2 December 2013

Newhaven East Pier

My 250th Blog - doesn't time fly when you are enjoying yourself!

Another attempt to kill two birds with one stone and I didn't even give one of them a good fright. I had been ignoring the Newhaven Tidemills Spoonbill because I figured that I would wait for things to quieten down - everyone has photographed it at ridiculously close range. Secondly, Paul Loader has published some cracking shots of the Eiders in the harbour. So I set out in the grey gloom of the morning, confident that the BBC weather forecast was accurate and that we would have some decent sunshine by lunchtime. Well, I arrived at the Tidemills and of course being high tide the water levels in the pool were high and the Spoonbill nowhere to be seen. No matter, off to the East Pier as I could plainly see one large Eider Duck from the beach and a friendly birder advised that there were four more in the harbour.

On the pier itself was a lone angler with single Purple Sandpiper and Turnstone to keep him company. The previous night there had been several fishermen present and on leaving  had left bits of bait everywhere. Squid, Mackerel and Lugworm were on the menu for two very confiding birds. Out in the harbour the Eiders were staying as far away as possible, all were diving and obviously tucking into the crab population. I waited for more than a couple of hours for them to come close but they stubbornly remained at a distance.

Ah mackerel head - my favourite!.....................

.....................especially the eye!!


 Yet again I was taken by surprise as another seal surfaced in front of me, not sure that this one isn't following me.


With the tide well on the ebb I made my way back to the Tidemills for another shot at the Spoonbill, alas, nothing but Redshanks on the pool.


  1. Nice pictures Dave but looks like doubled up converters on the Eider. I will have to take some fish scraps next time I go.

  2. Well done on the 250 Dave and some very nice pics to go with it.