Friday, 28 June 2013

Twayblades, Butterflies and Pyramids.

A quick trip out today to see if I could locate the Turtle Doves reported at Stapleash Farm, this bird has been at the top of my most wanted photograph list for some time, so an opportunity that could not be missed. Unfortunately a "no show"  but I did manage to locate a pair opposite West Dean Woods car park. Just fleeting glimpses and certainly no photo opportunity.

I checked out my banker site for a Greater Butterfly Orchid and was not disappointed, also nice to find several Common Twayblades, the devil's own job to photograph in wet and dark conditions.  Not saying the location but you need to be 200 yds further along the path from this well known rock!




On the way home checked out the Pyramidals which are really coming into full bloom at last, another added bonus was finding several Bee Orchids in the most unlikely of places, unfortunately most past their prime.

My favourite flower is the simple Dog Rose, Rosa canina, today I learnt that it displays  "permanent odd polyploidy"

My favourite flower

Back at home the moth trap yielded a nice specimen of the Peppered Moth, Biston betularia

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