Wednesday, 20 March 2013


When I am working in the garden I invariably keep a camera close to hand. Today was no exception, mainly because the Jays, which have been with us all winter, were about. Since last October I have been feeding a handful of peanuts on the lawn each day, slowly the Jays have become accustomed to being fed. They now tolerate my presence on the patio as they drop in to grab some nuts and fly off, so, today was the day to get some clear photographs. Also, the garden residents have been subject to some predation lately as several circles of feathers have indicated a Sparrowhawk at work, at least two Blackbirds and our lone Song Thrush have provided his meal. If he visited today then I hoped to get some shots.

Having captured the Jay and realised that these birds are extremely wary, just the noise of the camera shutter was sufficient to spook them, I noticed some movement in our dilapidated Christmas tree, home to a pair of Goldcrests. I was about to ignore them when I realised that this bird was much greener and brighter. Suddenly it dawned on me that we had our first ever Firecrest, into headless chicken mode as I chased the highly mobile bird around the garden, at least she gave me several decent glimpses to record.



 The usual resident of the Christmas tree

 The Jay, obligingly at about a distance of 15 ft

Danger, with a distinctive damaged tail feather, circles the neighbourhood

The male Blackcap looking rather 'worn'

At least one pair of Blackbirds are collecting nest material


  1. Some great shots from an impressive garden list Dave !

  2. Hi Mike
    never expected a Firecrest in a month of Sundays.
    It is still about as I heard it in my next door neighbours hedge.
    Glad I keep the camera ready!