Sunday, 23 December 2012

Armchair Birding

Whilst photographing the Whooper Swans on the North Wall I took about 100 photographs of the swirling masses of waders present in the north fields plus all the residents of the flooded parts. It is amazing what you miss when you are using only bins. Post trip analysis, my variation on "armchair birding", revealed several facts that hadn't registered in the field.

How many species?

Well a Pintail wasn't in my original log - and it sticks out like a sore thumb, how did I miss it?

Similarly - spot the hidden birds

One, possibly three Ruff

How many??????
So what's in the picture?

     329  Black-tailed Godwits (+/- 1% ), of which 6 are carrying lower limb red rings.
     1  Starling
     1  Wigeon

Given that several observers had estimated the flock at 500 and that this picture is of the main body and the flock often divided, then I am comfortable that our estimate is pretty good.

A lot to check and a long way off

Y+GY - a Solent bird

Y+GY  I sent the report of this bird to Pete Potts  on Saturday 22nd  and had a reply waiting in my inbox this morning. This bird was first ringed on 29/10/2009 at Farlington Marshes and has been recorded at various dates on the south coast. Oddly enough Pete had spotted this very bird at Vosper's, Portsmouth Harbour just three days previous.

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