Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Happy Returns

Today I finally qualified as an OAP, not a milestone, more a bump in the road. My good lady had promised to take me out for a pub lunch but a bit of a disaster over the weekend with a molar crown meant an urgent visit to the "Fang Farrier".  So by mid morning I had been patched up with a temporary repair along with copious amounts of  gum numbing injections. A pub lunch was out of the question so I was given leave to go birding. Over a cup of coffee, most of which dribbled on to the latest copy of "Bird Watching" I decided to have a bash at the Ring Ouzels on Cissbury Ring.

I must tell my 4 readers that on my 38th Birthday I ran up the Rock of Gibraltar in 38 minutes, some may think that a pedestrian pace but I must clarify that I stopped for a pint half way up. So on my 65th birthday I crawled up Cissbury Ring, how long it took I am not sure but I did pause several times before the summit and only drank water.

I was searching for the "Yewsual place" or  the Yew tree where all the Ring Ouzel action was reportedly taking place. As always I was just a day too late, the vicious westerly had put everything into hiding, nary a bird to be seen. After a pause of 20 minutes I decided to make my way, slowly, to the Rifle Butts, which in the end was a good decision. Looking down on to the butts I could make out the familiar figure of Martin peering through his trusty Canon 500mm, sure enough a Ring Ouzel was present. In my haste to descend to his position I forgot that wet chalk is as slippery as ice and went base over apex, thank goodness neither my camera or lens sustained damage, I however, collected numerous bruises and some strained joints - obviously not a Spring Chicken any more.

Anyway, distant views of the bird and a year tick - most satisfactory. On the photographic front a most obliging and good looking Red-legged Partridge that we had photographed over a month ago was still in residence and incredibly allowing an approach to about 15 feet, talk about confiding, this bird just didn't see humans as a threat. It probably realises that life expectancy outside the National Trust property is very short at this time of year.


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  1. Congratulations on reaching you new status and an important milestone Dave,nicely celebrated with a few good birds.