Friday, 2 December 2011

Church Norton and Ivy Lake

Another early start, arrived at Church Norton car park just before sunrise, this time to photograph the Firecrests. There was an amazing dawn chorus in full swing - at least 10 Blackbirds and 2 Song Thrushes taking the lead with supporting vocals from the Pheasants, Curlews and Brent Geese. Magical, until the local gravedigger in the churchyard started up his gravedigging machine. Apparently he was in a hurry as there was a 12 o'clock funeral booked. The Firecrests duly arrived and were almost impossible to photograph, two individuals flew out of the hedge, obviously having an argument and in the confusion one of them landed on my arm. Not that good as he then flew off and alighted too close to get focus with the 400mm lens. Pesky things - one day I'll get a clean shot.  

Dawn Chorus - Song Thrush

Firecrest- but rather close.

So it was off down the harbour on the west side to see not a lot. Only saw one other birder and my cheery "Good Morning" received just a grunt - miserable ******.  When I returned to the churchyard a couple of hours later the gravedigger had obviously reached the bottom and was tidying up. At least he was cheerful and wanted to chat.

On the way home dropped into Ivy Lake just in case there were some Bullfinches about - no sign. However, two friendly Great-crested Grebes provided some entertainment.

Great-crested Grebes
Great-crested Grebe

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