Thursday 30 November 2017

Parrot Crossbills

Photographic opportunities have been pretty scarce of late, not for the want of trying I hasten to add. Several trips to our local haunts around Pagham Harbour have been less rewarding than usual, Cissbury Ring, normally a banker for a Ring Ouzel was almost devoid of birds on at least two visits. So, when the chance to record some really photogenic Parrot Crossbills arose it was a no brainer. The venue, Swinley Forest just north east of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst at a site with the quaint name of Wishmoor Bottom.

No apologies for the amount of photographs - I haven't managed to blog for some ten weeks so I have an itch to scratch.

Medmerry gave us some great views of a juvenile Glossy Ibis.

A Grey Plover and a rather shy Common Sandpiper in Pagham Harbour were recorded in desperation.

Finally not a bird but the aptly named Dog's Vomit Slime Mould found on the top of Cissbury